Design based on function and authentic purpose has a timeless quality that will keep it forever relevant. That is why fashion will always return to the influence of workwear.

This belief was a core idea when Per-Ivan Hagberg in 1997 founded Dunderdon in Gothenburg, Sweden. Coming from a background as a carpenter Per-Ivan saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between streetwear and workwear, offering durable and functional garments with style and a classic design.

The first pair of trousers was a success and Dunderdon soon expanded into a full range of trousers, outerwear, knits, shirts and accessories for men and women.

Today, Dunderdon stays true to its legacy and Per-Ivan’s vision remains at the soul of the company:

“Honest, simple designs are timeless. Our products should represent the highest craftsmanship and innovation, while never compromising on fit and style. Respect the past, but don’t rely on it.”
Per-Ivan Hagberg, founder of Dunderdon

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